Executive Committee

  • Eleanor Green (Chair)
  • Billie Roberts Spann (ex officio)
  • Deanna Ikhinmwin (ex officio)
  • Argentine Craig (ex officio)
  • Barbara Dent (ex officio)
  • Lu Pierson (ex officio)

Endowment Management Committee

The Endowment Fund was established in 1994 by an anonymous gift from a member who wanted to help the League build up a source of income available for operating expenses and to allow us to devote more time to program advocacy rather than fundraising activities. Additional gifts, including generous bequests from members who thoughtfully left money to the League in their wills, have brought the total contribution to $85,000. The Endowment Management Committee has a policy of balancing the investments between growth and income.

  • Sally Grant (Chair)
  • Eleanor Green (ex officio)
  • Barbara Dent (ex officio)
  • Virginia Richardson
  • Paul Walker
  • Vickiana Franco

Finance/Budget Committee

  • Sally Grant (Chair)
  • Barbara Dent (ex officio)
  • Eleanor Green (ex officio)
  • Sherry Phillips

Voter Registration and Recruitment Committee

The Voter Registration and Recruitment Committee has undertaken major projects over the past year. One of the most important of these is the Time Is Now High School Ambassador Program, prepared in consultation with six high school students over the past summer. Students from City College and Mergenthaler Vocational-Technical High School have met regularly and engaged in creative voter education activities. At the end of the program at each school, these students were certified to register friends and classmates to vote. The students also organized two massive school-wide Voter Registration Festivals, with music, food, games, candidates for elective office and many other activities at these festivals hundreds of high school students were registered to vote.

Committee Members:

  • Deanna Ikhinmwin (Chair)
  • Yolanda Adkins
  • Paige Bacon
  • Joyce Chapman
  • Barbara Corbin
  • Vickiana Franco
  • Joselin Martin
  • Lois Moseley
  • Shawn Nolan
  • Megan Shook
  • Mary Taylor-Ennis
  • Roberta Van Meter
  • Cynthia York.

Committee Initiatives:

Leaguers in the Library

The goal/purpose of Leaguers in the Library is to ensure voter information and voter registration is more local and accessible.

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The Time is Now

The League of Women Voters (LWV) in Baltimore City received a $5,000.00 grant from Baltimore Votes to implement an in-person high school Voter Ambassador program entitled The Time Is Now.

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Nominating Committee

The nominating committee is comprised of League members who work to identify current members who will assume leadership roles within the City league. The board appoints three Board members to serve on the Nominating Committee.

  • Flo Valentine (Chair)
  • Paul Walker (elected)
  • Sam Novey (elected)
  • Millie Godfrey (elected)

Membership Committee

The mission of the Membership Committee is to recruit and retain League members by planning and coordinating special orientation events for new and current League members. We are also working to match League members with opportunities to promote and enhance community engagement, with the end goal being increased voter participation. We have conducted tow member recruitment phone-a-thons at Open Works and a Voter Volunteer Survey, by p hone and by mail, to engage members at their level of interest. In addition, we will conduct ongoing assessments with members, voters and citizens using information from the Voter Data Analysis Project. A concern with diversity, equity and inclusion both in principle and in practice underlies all activities of this committee.

  • Billie Roberts Spann (Chair)
  • Flo Valentine
  • Sam Novey
  • Karin Kendrick
  • Toni Moore-Duggan & Michael Duggan
  • Roslyn Smith
  • Betty Clark
  • Willilexia Royal-Cox
  • Danyelle Rosebrough.

Voter Data Analysis Project

The League’s Voter Data Analysis Project has been working to better understand the trends in voter participation in Baltimore and the assets available to address community needs in partnership. This is being done together with a team of analysts involved in the Democracy Data Science Hack-a-thon, convened by the SNF Agora Institute at Johns Hopkins University. During Baltimore Data Week in July, the Voter Data Analysis Subcommittee will present the results of this analysis, including a heatmap of voter turnout in Baltimore and other tools that LWV and the public can use to better understand voter turnout in Baltimore and develop strategic programs to include new voters.

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Committee Members:

  • Nancy Lawler
  • Flo Valentine
  • Sam Novey
  • Billie Roberts Spann

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Committee

  • Flo Valentine

By-Laws Revision Committee

  • Lu Pierson (Chair)
  • Barbara Dent
  • Sally Grant
  • Eleanor Green
  • Sam Novey

Communications and Online Services Committee

This committee was established in the fall of 2021 to support the League’s 2021-2022 Outlook for Work under League Growth and Strength. Committee members were asked to focus on improving our leveraging of social media and our website to increase membership, donations, participation and voter education. After initial analysis, the committee decided on two major initiatives for 2022: to re-establish to the quarterly newsletter, The Voter, and to modernize the LWV Baltimore City website.

The first edition of The Voter, Winter/Spring 2022, was distributed in early April. We encourage you to use this as a tool to become involved and understand the important work the League is doing. The newsletter is a collective project, and any League member is welcome to submit articles for future editions. The committee also met over the fall to identify what was needed to modernize the League website with more accessibility, timeliness and transparency.

  • Vickiana Franco (Chair)
  • Makeda Scott

Committee to Prepare Voters’ Guide

  • Nancy Lawler
  • Sam Novey
  • Toni Moore-Duggan
  • Lu Pierson
  • Billie Roberts Spann
  • Sally Grant
  • Lois Hybl (Vote 411)

Democracy is not a spectator sport—we need YOU! Become a Volunteer

You can volunteer with the League whether or not you choose to join the League as a dues-paying member. We are always seeking people who care about the rights of others and making democracy work for all.

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