Annual Vision

League Growth, Strength, and Visibility

  • Expand and diversify our membership and mentor leaders for the League
  • Maximize membership and visibility opportunities during 2022 Election Season by making membership and League visibility part of all voter service activities
  • Maintain an attractive and regularly updated website
  • Increase involvement of members in League activities through Unit Meetings, General Meetings, community outreach and education, and special events, including those at the League’s satellite space at Open Works.
  • Publish a quarterly newsletter featuring League members and League activities
  • Continue and expand active involvement in advocacy and in services to the community

Voter Services

  • Continue, through the Voter Data Analysis Project, to develop data to aid in increasing Baltimore City voter turnout in areas of low voter turnout
  • Maintain extensive voter registration and voter education activities in local high schools, at the Baltimore City Community College, in public libraries, and at other venues
  • Publish and distribute widely copies of the Voters’ Guide for both the primary and general election and include a digital copy on the League website
  • Publicize current election related information such as early voting dates and locations and mail-in ballot opportunities and information
  • Sponsor candidate forums and other educational events for the primary and general elections, doing so, when possible, in collaboration with other non-partisan organizations


  • Work toward developing an increasingly diverse League membership that reflects the demographics of Baltimore City
  • Ensure that all League committees and activities have a diverse membership and adhere to DEI principles
  • Continue the work of the DEI Committee in emphasizing diversity, equity, and inclusion within the Baltimore community, our public school system, our school curriculum, and other areas of community life


The League of Women Voters on the national, state, and our local level has a number of positions on issues that concern Baltimore City. These can be used by members to advocate on areas of interest to our local community, to recruit members interested in following issues of concern to Baltimore city, to sponsor speakers and forums, develop an advocacy relationship with City Council Members, local government officials, and the local media, and to advocate with state officials and legislators when issues arise of concern to Baltimore City: 

  • Public education and Baltimore City Schools
  • Criminal justice
  • Public transportation
  • Health care concerns
  • Affordable housing and other housing issues
  • Climate and the Environment

Learn more about our Advocacy efforts here.

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