Why Support the League of Women Voters of Baltimore City?

We care!

The League is a diverse community of engaged men and women of all ages who believe in the power of democracy. As a grassroots organization, we focus on the issues that directly impact Baltimore City residents. We work closely with our advocacy partners across the City and state to advocate for and advance policies that directly benefit Baltimore residents. 


We get things done!

League members are an integral member of coalitions that directly impact policy making at the city and state level. The League is dedicated to serving as a non-partisan voice who is focused on the issues. Our members also research new issues and form policy positions based on facts that we use to inform our scope of work. The League registers hundreds of high school students each spring during the voter registration high school events. Our dedicated volunteers communicate with candidates to create Voter Guides that allow residents to make informed and educated decisions at the polls. 


We need you!

Our work is dependent on our members. Without you, we wouldn't be able to promote democratic values in our community. 


You can download a copy of our membership form in .pdf or .docx format. Please mail or email your membership form to the League using the contact information below: 

League of Women Voters of Baltimore City

6600 York Road, Suite 211 | Baltimore, MD 21212 

Tel 410-377-7738