Other Issues

The U.S., Maryland, and Baltimore City Leagues have positions on many issues of current importance.

  1. Fair Elections: Support the passage of a bill to provide funds for the Fair Election Fund.
  2. Pretrial Justice: Sponsor a community forum on programs, experiments, and policy options. Partner with others, including the ACLU, Maryland Alliance for Justice Criminal Justice Reform, and the U. of Baltimore Pretrial Justice Clinic.
  3. Criminal Justice: Partner with the ACLU, OUt for Justice, Leaders of a Beautiful Struggle, and other Baltimore organizations on problems in the criminal justice system, including systemic racial and gender bias.
  4. Transportation: Support LWV-MD, Baltimore City, and regional alliances, coalitions, and partners in advocating for provi9ding equitable and adequate public transportation systems.
  5. Climate and Environment: Join other nonpartisan coalitions in advocating for addressing climate change, promoting clean energy, and protecting the environment.
  6. Health: Work with other groups/coalitions to address issues relating to access to health care for all Maryland residents.Action - Based on national, state, and local positions, support health policies and regulations that promote the highest physical, emotional, social, and spiritual health for the residents of Baltimore City through cost-effective and efficient education, research, and service.
  7. Economy: Support efforts to revitalize Baltimore’s small businesses post-pandemic and to expand access to jobs and job training programs for unemployed and underemployed city residents.
  8. Consumer Protection: Join other nonpartisan coalitions in advocating for studies of the impact of Maryland allowing third-party companies to provide gas and electricity through BGE, especially as it affects low-income citizens.