New to the Board and League

Outlook for Work- Voter Growth/Strength/Visibility and DEI

Paige Bacon - Board Member

Term 2022-2024

I am a baby boomer and proud to claim it! Social Justice has been and continues to be my passion. It has influenced my religious affiliation, employment choices and now that I am retired, how I spend my spare time. If I had to prioritize my issues, Voting and Diversity Equity Inclusion would top my list. I canvassed for McGovern before I was old enough to vote and have worked toward making voting more accessible to as many people as possible since then. I even became involved with elections in Puerto Rico, where I lived and raised my children. I have served as an election judge/poll worker in Maryland, Delaware and Connecticut and have volunteered with various organizations to advocate for Voting Rights and Get-Out-the-Vote efforts. I joined League of Women Voters Baltimore City in 2019 as a volunteer in voter registration drives before the 2020 election and participate in the Time Is Now Voter Ambassador Program. I currently have a vision of making public libraries a go-to community resource for voting information and registration assistance.

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