Affordable housing and other housing issues:

  • Continue support for the availability of adequate housing for low-income residents.

Action - Work with local government and community associations to maximize the availability of decent, safe, affordable housing for all residents. Support for:

  1. Effective housing codes and zoning codes that are adequately enforced.
  2. Rent subsidies for low-income families
  3. Local emphasis on the following National positions adopted in 1973.
    1. Fair housing laws and equal access to housing
    2. Publicly assisted housing to be included in viable, balanced communities with provisions that encourage integration and stability.
    3. Zoning practices and procedures that will counteract racial and economic isolation.
    4. Participation of resident groups in the development of publicly assisted housing programs.


Committee Initiatives:

IHC.PNGInclusionary Housing Coalition

The goal of the non-partisan IHC is to pass an effective, equitable Inclusionary Housing bill in Baltimore City that produces units, free from loopholes.

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