A Message From The President

Welcome to our new website. It has been a laborious experience but has yielded a very fruitful outcome. This new website is far more interactive than our past website and allows the League of Baltimore City the ability to stay in contact with its members and the public while giving frequent updates. Stay tuned there is more to come.

Primary elections have finally come and gone, we’re now looking ahead to the general election in November. The 2022 Voters’ Guide will be coming out soon we will keep everyone abreast of the upcoming date.

Our league put out a long and detailed Voters’ Guide for the primaries, edited by Nancy Lawler, and we held several candidate forums across the city, activities that will of course continue in the coming months. Efforts to inform and register young voters (catch their interest early on!) have continued apace, with educational projects underway during term time in several public high schools. A new project, Leaguers in the Library, places a volunteer in several public libraries each month to answer questions and possibly register citizens to vote. We also now have an active committee focused on DEI (Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion), as well as our ongoing Voter Data Analysis Project that’s analyzing voter turnout across the city; the aim is to develop strategic programs targeted specifically at areas in Baltimore with especially low voter turnout. A successful and most enjoyable in-person Annual Meeting took place at Gertrude’s in June. There we approved numerous bylaws amendments, as well as a slate of officers and directors for the coming year. Dana Petersen Moore of the Baltimore City Office of Equity and Civil Rights gave the keynote address.

It was a great relief to be free for once from yet one more meeting on Zoom! Our Outlook for Work, also approved at the Annual Meeting, stresses growing the League and engaging even more members in our various activities. We plan to continue our ongoing involvement with voter education and registration, a primary mission of any league. In addition, we’re looking ahead to increasing active advocacy by the League on issues of direct concern to Baltimore City. And we expect to continue our engagement with Open Works in downtown Baltimore. As you can tell, all in all, we’re looking ahead to an exceptionally busy and productive year for our already very active League!

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