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  • published Student Membership 2020-11-20 12:30:55 -0500

    Student Membership

    Thank you for joining the League of Women Voters of Baltimore City with your student membership. 

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  • published LWV Baltimore in Action in About Us 2020-10-04 15:10:58 -0400

    LWV Baltimore in Action

    Volunteers from the LWV Baltimore office were mentioned in a Baltimore Sun article registering voters at the Caravan Fiesta in Southeast Baltimore. 

    Kenneth Ramos waves a large Mexican flag as a colorful caravan of floats, trucks, cars, motorcycles and horses cruises along Eastern Avenue from Grundy Street to Patterson Park on Sunday afternoon to celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month.

    Then, at the end of the parade, volunteers from the League of Women Voters set out to register people to vote and urge them to craft a plan for how to cast their ballots in a hugely consequential election that’s been upended by the coronavirus pandemic. Click here to read the full article. 

  • published Drop Box Locations in Voter Services 2020-09-21 11:38:35 -0400

    Drop Box Locations

    Below is a complete list of drop box locations in Baltimore City

    - Red Stars are available starting around Sept 30
    - Blue Dots are available starting around Oct 17

    Deadline to return your ballot: Nov 3 at 8pm

    You can place you mail-in ballot in these drop boxes. They will be monitored by video surveillance, and ballots will be picked up at least twice a day.

  • published Vote Centers in Voter Services 2020-09-21 11:32:36 -0400

    Vote Centers

    In person voting in Baltimore City, below is a complete list of vote center locations.

    - Purple Squares are Early Voting Centers open from Oct 26-Nov 2 from 7am-8pm
    - Yellow Checks are Election Day Voting Centers open on Nov 3 from 7am-8pm

    Baltimore City residents can go to any vote center in the city.

    All vote centers have: Same Day Registration, ADA parking, and accessible ballot-marking devices.

    If you are in-line at 8pm, you are allowed to vote.

    Click here to download a hard copy of the 2020 voting centers.