Student Voter Registration

Student Voter Registration Project of 2018

In alignment with the Mission to “Defend Democracy and Empower Voters,” the League of Women Voters of Baltimore City focused on the “Student Citizen” for the ten months of 2018 (January to November) with the execution of an organized plan supported by the LWV/Education Fund, the LWV/Baltimore City Board of Directors, City Board of Elections, High School Principals and carried forward by 56 LWV/City members.

Successful Outcome: We provided voter education/information and registered to vote 1251 students from 16 city public high schools and the Baltimore City Community College. We collected structured data for follow-up purposes (2020 Election and the Centennial of LWV) and increased our LWV Membership, which is now free for students. 

This project received the Baltimore City Community College “Community Partnership Award.”